Bond Cleaning checklist for tenant 2024


bond cleaning checklist for the Kitchen

This is the most important area to clean. It harbours piles of accumulated grease, food particles, and really stubborn stains. This is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your kitchen to sparkle:


Oven: Scrub clean when all its racks have been removed. A degreaser can also be used to remove burnt grease from the inside of the oven.

Stovetop: Thoroughly clean the burners and grates and ensure that no food particles are left behind, especially near the edges where dirt is accumulated.

Clean and defrost your refrigerator. Clean the shelves and drawers, and then wipe them dry. Do not forget even to move the fridge to clean behind it.

Microwave: Clean the interior with an appropriate cleaner, followed by cleaning the exterior.

Dishwasher: Run a service wash and wipe the outside and the rim.

Surfaces and Fixtures

Woman cleaning window blinds with a duster, wearing yellow gloves.

Cupboard and Drawers: Inside and out, crumb-free. Clean the top as well.

Sinks and Taps: Clean the sink with a cleaner of your choice, and get the faucets to shine by removing the spots created by water.

Countertops: Clean all countertops thoroughly, with special attention given to any stained or sticky areas.

Bathroom cleaning

Woman cleaning a bathtub faucet with a spray bottle and cloth.

Here’s how to make sure your bathroom is really clean:


Toilet: scrub and clean, including the floor behind, inside and out, such as the base of it; disinfect.

Shower and Tub: Clean tile, grout, and glass doors. Remove any mould as needed. Eliminate all body oils, mineral deposits, and soap scum using a non-abrasive cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the shower head.

Vanities and Sinks: The vanity should be clean, the faucets shining, and the sinks all wiped up, getting rid of all traces of toothpaste and soap.

Cleaning of Mirrors: This will guarantee the application is quite clean, both from smudging and streaking, as clear as crystal.

Floors: Mop, making sure that dirt is not left behind, paying special attention to the corners and toilet base.


Clean bedrooms thoroughly and entirely by following each detail of the bond cleaning checklist to meet the requirements of the landlord and ensure that you get your relevant refund. Cleaning bedrooms properly helps you in getting a full bond refund and also reflects well on your landlord or property manager. Proper detail awareness can prevent any disputes and bring an easy transition.


• Dust around, including shelves, light fittings, and fans.

• A dampened cloth to pick dust more effectively.


• The windows are clean, both on the inside and outside.

• Clean out window sills and their tracks, removing any dirt and dust build-up.


• Drive the vacuum cleaner through the length and breadth of the carpet, and pay attention to the corners under the furniture.

• Learning to mop hard floors and paying attention to stains or sticky spots.

• The fact that professional carpet cleaning can be taken into account for deeply rooted dirt and stains.

Wall and Baseboard

• Clean walls, free from scuff marks and discoloration.

• or tougher stains, Use a magic eraser.

• Dust and other dirt removed, clean down the baseboards.


• Remove all items from closets.

• Wiping dust and dirt off shelves and the inside of parts.

• Ensure that no belongings are left behind.

Light Fixtures and Switches

• Dust light fixtures and lightly wipe with a piece of damp cloth—water only to remove dirt and fingerprints.

• Wipe the light switches and power points.

Doors and Door Frames

• Clean the doors from both sides, observing dirt and dust.

• Pay attention to the upper edges of door frames: make sure that no dirt is left in these areas.

Mirrors and Glass Surfaces

• Wipe off smudges and spots on mirrors or glass surfaces.

General Tidying

• Ensure you take all your personal things away.

• Make the room clean and ready for the next occupant.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

A clean and tidy living room with minimalistic decor and natural light.

Make them free of dirt and Dust, if possible, clean, and just ready for the new tenant. This can be done in the following way:

General Area

Close-up of a duster cleaning a dark surface, removing dust.

Dusting: Dust all the ledges, shelves, fittings, light fittings, and fans using a dampened piece of cloth for better capturing.

Windows: Clean windows thoroughly, both from inside and outside. Don’t ignore the sills; in fact, the tracks of those windows hold much dirt.

Floorings: The carpeted floors must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and hard floors with a mop. For the deep-rooted dirt/strain, professional carpet cleaning is advised.

Walls and Baseboards: Clean the walls and baseboards of scuff marks and all other discolouration. For tougher marks, a magic eraser does the trick.

Closets Shelving: Make sure that there are no visible items left on the shelves of the closets. Clean the dirt on the interior of the closet.

Make sure you don’t leave any general part of the property uncovered. The areas to cover are:

More Practice

Ensure a flawless bond cleaning checklist with our professional advice. Follow our guide to leave your rental property sparkling clean and increase your chances of a full bond refund.

Fixtures, Light, and Switches Dust and fingerprints removed. Wipe down Dust off all surfaces. Bulbs in light fixtures are on.

Air Vents: Clean vents and change filters if required as part of measures to ensure air quality. This shows that one is careful with details. Doors and Door Frames: In faces, wash all doors and door frames; more emphasis is to be put on the top edges, which tend to collect Dust.

Skirtings: Dust and clean skirting boards from dirt for deposit of Dust.

Lots of general outside cleaning: Sweep patios, balconies, and walkways; clear them of dirt and cobwebs.


Tenants who would wish to claim their full bond deposit would require a complete cleaning. With the following detailed bond cleaning checklist, rest assured that every part of your rental property is decently cleaned. The cleaning tasks are done in each area, from the kitchen and bathroom to the living areas and general spaces, in order to meet the expectations of the landlord. Bear in mind that the time it saves you from haggles that may emerge and deductions from your money is worthwhile. Please browse through our comprehensive cleaning guide for a hassle-free move-out experience, more tips, and a professional clean. Not only does following this checklist increase the chances of you receiving a full bond refund, but your landlord or property manager will also consider this when you leave.

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