End of Lease Cleaning Checklist 2024

Your Comprehensive Guide to Bond Cleaning

Creating a comprehensive End of lease cleaning checklist is essential to ensure you leave your rental property in pristine condition. Whether you’re a tenant aiming to get your bond back or a landlord preparing for new occupants, following a detailed checklist can make the process seamless and efficient.

Why you need an End of lease Cleaning Checklist

The end-of-lease cleaning checklist enables you to cover all the cleaning activities needed with great detail so that nothing is missed. Such serious efforts at this stage not only enhance the property’s appeal but also maximize your chances of getting your bond back. Key areas to focus on include:

Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Living area
Removal cobwebs
Removal cobwebs
Removal cobwebs
Removal cobwebs
Ceiling fan
Ceiling fan
Ceiling fan
Ceiling fans
Cabinets both sides
Light switches and power points
Blinds(dust only)
Light switches and power points
Built-in wardrobes and drawers
Doors and door frames
Blinds(dust only)
Blinds(Dust only)
Blinds(dust only)
Doors and door frames
Doors and door frames
Doors and door frames
Skirting boards
Built-in wardrobes and drawers
Non-carpeted floors or vacuum carpeted floors
Sink & basin
Vacuum and mop non-carpeted floors
Skirting Boards
Light switches and power points
Toilet paper holder / Towel rail
Non-carpeted floors or Vacuum carpeted floors

To ensure a successful End of lease cleaning, double-check every room and area using your end of lease cleaning checklist. Pay special attention to hidden spots and ensure everything is up to standard. This thorough approach will increase your chances of getting your bond back and leave the property in excellent condition for the next tenant.

Comprehensive End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Thorough Bond Cleaning in Melbourne

This is an all-inclusive End of Lease Cleaning Checklist, which ensures that every corner of your property gets a good clean to the best standards of bond cleaning in Melbourne. Under this checklist, principal areas covered include kitchens, bathrooms, living, and bedrooms—end-to-end, proper cleaning done with careful attention. Rest assured, our professional team will ensure that everything is handled with the best detail to help you get a reasonable bond refund. Trust us to handle your end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne with professionalism and care. We work diligently towards making the experience seamless and stress-free.

Cleaning the ceiling with a blue duster.

Removal of Cobwebs

Eliminate cobwebs from all corners and ceilings, ensuring a spider-free and tidy home environment.

O2OCleaning cleaner washing a fan cover in the kitchen sink, wearing pink gloves and a blue uniform.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Thoroughly clean ceiling fans, removing dust and grime from blades to improve air quality and appliance efficiency.

O2OCleaning cleaner's hands in pink gloves wiping the inside of an upper kitchen cabinet with a green cloth.

Cabinets Cleaning

Clean both the interior and exterior of cabinets, wiping down shelves and doors to maintain a spotless and organized storage space.

Stainless steel rangehood.

Rangehood Cleaning

Degrease and clean the rangehood, removing accumulated grease and grime to ensure efficient kitchen ventilation and hygiene.

Interior of a cleaned oven.

Oven Cleaning

Deep clean the oven, scrubbing racks and interior surfaces to remove baked-on food and grease, leaving it sparkling and ready for use.

O2OCleaning cleaner dusting window blinds above a kitchen counter with a feather duster, wearing pink gloves.

Blinds Dusting (Dust Only)

Dust all blinds, removing accumulated dust and allergens to enhance indoor air quality and window appearance.

O2OCleaning cleaner wiping down a white door with a green cloth in a room with wooden floors and empty shelves.

Doors and Door Frames Cleaning

Wipe down doors and door frames, removing fingerprints, dust, and smudges for a fresh and welcoming entry.

Wiping down a stovetop with a blue cloth.

Stovetop Cleaning

Scrub and clean the stovetop, eliminating food residue and stains for a gleaming and hygienic cooking surface.

A person wearing a blue sweatshirt and pink gloves is cleaning along the baseboard of a carpeted floor, removing dust and debris.

Skirting Boards Cleaning

Dust and wipe skirting boards, removing dirt and scuffs to maintain a neat and polished look throughout the home.

O2OCleaning cleaner wiping a light switch with a green cloth in a room with wooden floors and shelves.

Light Switches and Power Points Cleaning

Clean light switches and power points, ensuring they are free from dust and grime for a clean and safe environment.

Clean and dry shower floor and walls.

Shower Cleaning

Clean and scrub the shower, removing soap scum and mildew from tiles, glass, and fixtures for a pristine finish.

Cleaning a countertop with a yellow cloth.

Surface Cleaning

Wipe down all surfaces, including countertops and tables, removing dust, stains, and spills for a tidy and hygienic space.

Mopping the bathroom floor.


Mop all hard floors, ensuring they are free from stains and grime, leaving a spotless and shiny finish.

Vacuuming the carpet near the wall.


Vacuum all carpets and hard floors, removing dirt, dust, and debris for a clean and fresh home.

A person wearing yellow gloves is cleaning a toilet, ensuring the area under the toilet seat and around the rim is thoroughly sanitized.

Toilet Cleaning

Thoroughly clean the toilet, scrubbing the bowl, seat, and exterior to maintain hygiene and freshness.

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In summary, you need an end-of-lease cleaning checklist, which shall cater to your needs on having a smooth transition and securing back your bond. In that respect, you ensure that you leave nothing to chance and that the property is sparkling clean for the next tenant. This kind of attention to detail bolsters one’s chances of getting the bond money back and reflects well in his tenancy record. Bring yourself up to these high standards with utter ease by leaving the job to the experts at O2OCleaning. Be it any style of cleaning, our professional team has your back to give you peace of mind and exceptional results—Trust O2OCleaning for a seamless end-of-lease experience.