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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to commonly asked questions (FAQs) about O2OCleaning, our innovative online-to-offline cleaning service. Get insights into our cleaning processes, pricing, availability, and more. Explore our FAQ page to find the information you need to make informed decisions about your cleaning needs. Simplify your search for answers and achieve a sparkling clean home or office with O2OCleaning. Visit now

General Questions​

Tell me about the breakage and loss policy? 

O2O Cleaning strives to provide the best service possible to our customers. We take great care in removing and relocating all of our customers' valuables/property. However, even with our best efforts, some breakage and loss are unavoidable. This is to clarify that o2o cleaning accepts responsibility and commitment for any complaints our customers may have. Our company is fully insured any damages made will be taken care of.

Are there any commitments or contracts? 

With O2O Cleaning there are no fixed contracts, allowing you to hire our maid services when you need them to work with your schedule.

How much does  house cleaning service cost?

We offer amicable house cleaning service at reasonable prices! We can agree to a flat rate and work as an extension of your needs.

How long does the Bond cleaning service take ?

The duration depends on the type, area and condition of the premise. It usually takes 2.5-10 hours to finish the end-of-lease cleaning.

My agent still has some issues with the condition of the premises after the service. How do I get in touch with cleaners?

If there’s any problems with the Bond cleaning results, our cleaners will return and re-clean. Our project manager will be the best person to speak to. You can contact him on 03 61850356 or [email protected] Simply outline the problems, premise address, your contacts and together with the photos related to your problems. We will then get back to you as soon as we can.

My landlord is coming to inspect my property my property. But I am not moving out yet. Can you help with making it presentable and tidy?

For the Bond  cleaning, we strongly recommend that you are fully moved out before the cleaning. Any luggage's and other personal items left at your premises might affect the cleaning outcomes, resulting in the failure in cleaning inspection.

Do you clean fridges and I have to defrost the fridge before the cleaners arrive?

Fridge cleaning is part of our duties. It costs $29-$45 per fridge depending on the conditions. You will need to remove food and defrost the fridge beforehand. We can also help you to do so with additional charges.

One of my carpets is badly stained. Can your cleaning method remove stubborn stains?

You can include a regular carpet cleaning to your end-of-lease cleaning service. We will try our best to make your badly-stained carpet clean and shine, even when stubborn stains occur. We offer extra cleaning services if the stains are too tough to be removed. Additional costs will apply for that service depending on the types and areas of stains.

Do you include cleaning the balcony?

Sorry excluding if you need to cleaning the balcony you can select a extera service we have two different price 1.small balcony up to 15 sqm - $29

2.Large balcony 15-30 sqm - $45

Scheduling Questions

How can I cancel or make changes on my scheduled services? Is there any hidden fee applicable for the changes?

Yes. You should let us know at least 24 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, $50 Cancellation fee will be charged.

How much notice do you require booking a cleaning job?

 We send notice after the day of cleaning.

Can I get a same-day booking

We advise to book your appointment with us at least a day before your chosen schedule to avoid conflict. We do cleaning from Monday- Friday: 8AM - 5PM, Saturday and Sunday: 9AM - 5PM.

When will my cleaners arrive?

You will receive a confirmation email once your booking has been confirmed (usually within 15-30 minutes of your service). This email will include a summary of your Booked, including the date and time of arrival. This will tell you when to expect the cleaner. Please keep in mind that there may be an arrival window, during which the team will arrive and begin cleaning.

Fee Questions

How do I pay for my service?

 We accept payment Via credit card. You can select your chosen payment option before booking our services.

You will be charged after service has been rendered. If the clients will not be present at their homes during the service, they may pay in advance.

Do I need to pay the parking fee?

Please note that we require parking for our cleaning crews. If you live in the city or in an area where parking is difficult , please contact us and let us know if you have a private parking spot available or if there's public parking available. Any parking fees incurred will be charged in addition to the service.

When will my cleaners arrive?

You will receive a confirmation email once your booking has been confirmed (usually within 30 min of your service). This email will include a summary of your reservation, including the date and time of arrival. This will tell you when to expect the cleaner. Please keep in mind that there may be an arrival window, during which the team will arrive and begin cleaning.

Will there be the same rates on weekends and public holidays?

Discount only occur after the first clean and we do not have additional fees for evening, weekend and public holiday bookings.

What is minimal order ?

We have policy If the order less than $90 We'll charge difference price.

Service Questions​

Is your service pet-friendly? 

Yes, because we only use eco-friendly detergents for peace of mind leaving surfaces safe for family and pets.

Do you clean under furniture?

Yes, our experts will also make sure furniture is dusted on the front, top and underneath.

Does your company do any exterior work?

No, we don’t accept outside cleaning. We only do house cleaning, bond cleaning, commercial and carpet cleaning.

Do I have to be present for cleaning?

It is entirely up to you whether you attend the service, let the cleaner leave, or even do not attend at all. You are welcome to provide your cleaners with access via a key/ lockbox. Please note that our cleaners work best when the house is empty of people and pets.

I am unhappy with the cleaning service or having feedback after cleaning. Who can I speak to?

We value all feedback, whether it is positive or negative. If you are dissatisfied  with your service, please email our office with details about what went wrong and any relevant photos. We will then proceed with our satisfaction guarantee, aiming to provide a re-clean  within 2-4 days of the initial service for any missed/ unsatisfactory areas and/ or consider an appropriate discount if necessary.

Do you work at the weekend?

We will come at the usual time of Saturday and Sunday, however as we only have limited administrative help, our doors are closed, and we are incapable of returning texts. if you want to talk to our team, please contact us via messaging, since we have no other way of getting in touch with you.

Cleaners Questions

How trustworthy is your cleaner?

They are police-checked to before commencing the work. Cleaners should have relevant experience in the particular cleaning field and have great working ethics to be able to work for us. 

Are cleaners covered for Public Liability Insurance

We have public Liability insurance for $5,000,000 

Will I get the same cleaner for each service?

Generally yes. If you are unhappy with your cleaner, a replacement will be arranged discreetly and courteously.   

Can I give the cleaner a key to get in the property?

Yes, we assure you that all your property is safe with our cleaners. We vigorously vet all of our cleaners, who undergo identity checks as well as in-person interviews.

You can also have someone to open the door for us or leave the key at a designated place.

How many cleaners will be sent to my home?

 1 to 3 cleaners will arrive at your home on the scheduled day of cleaning.

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