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Choosing O2OCleaning means opting for professional, experienced, and expert cleaning services. Our commitment to excellence ensures top-quality bond back cleaning, making the process easy and stress-free. With a strong reputation and positive reviews from countless satisfied customers, you can trust O2OCleaning to meet all your cleaning needs. Experience the difference with our dedicated team and advanced cleaning techniques.

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Need Bond Cleaning services? Get in touch with O2Ocleaning now for a no-cost estimate. Learn how our expert Bond Back Cleaning can help secure your bond return and keep your space looking its best.

Count on O2Ocleaning for exceptional professional house cleaning services in Melbourne. Our devoted local operations team is available around the clock, prepared to deliver top-quality bond cleaning solutions whenever you need them. Enjoy unmatched cleanliness and precise attention to every detail, all supported by our steadfast dedication to surpassing your expectations.


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Trust us to provide a stress-free cleaning experience, where every corner of your premises is treated with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. Discover why we are the top choice for bond back cleaning services in Melbourne — where your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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    See the clear results of our cleaning work in our before and after gallery. This section features bond cleaning, house cleaning, and deep cleaning. Each set of photos shows a direct comparison, demonstrating how we handle and solve real-world cleaning challenges. Understand the effectiveness of our services through these visual testimonials.


    Welcome to O2OCleaning’s FAQ section. Here, we address all your questions regarding our professional bond cleaning service in Melbourne.

    My landlord is coming to inspect my property my property. But I am not moving out yet. Can you help with making it presentable and tidy?

    For the Bond  cleaning, we strongly recommend that you are fully moved out before the cleaning. Any luggage's and other personal items left at your premises might affect the cleaning outcomes, resulting in the failure in cleaning inspection.

    Do you clean fridges and I have to defrost the fridge before the cleaners arrive?

    Fridge cleaning is part of our duties. It costs $29-$45 per fridge depending on the conditions. You will need to remove food and defrost the fridge beforehand. We can also help you to do so with additional charges.

    How long does the Bond cleaning service take ?

    The duration depends on the type, area and condition of the premise. It usually takes 2.5-10 hours to finish the end-of-lease cleaning.

    Can I get a same-day booking

    We advise to book your appointment with us at least a day before your chosen schedule to avoid conflict. We do cleaning from Monday- Friday: 8AM - 5PM, Saturday and Sunday: 9AM - 5PM.

    Can I get a same-day booking

    We advise to book your appointment with us at least a day before your chosen schedule to avoid conflict. We do cleaning from Monday- Friday: 8AM - 5PM, Saturday and Sunday: 9AM - 5PM.

    How do I pay for my service?

    We accept payment Via credit card. You can select your chosen payment option before booking our services.

    You will be charged after service has been rendered. If the clients will not be present at their homes during the service, they may pay in advance.

    When will my cleaners arrive?

    You will receive a confirmation email once your booking has been confirmed (usually within 30 min of your service). This email will include a summary of your reservation, including the date and time of arrival. This will tell you when to expect the cleaner. Please keep in mind that there may be an arrival window, during which the team will arrive and begin cleaning.

    Is your service pet-friendly?

    Yes, because we only use eco-friendly detergents for peace of mind leaving surfaces safe for family and pets.

    Do you work at the weekend?

    We will come at the usual time of Saturday and Sunday, however as we only have limited administrative help, our doors are closed, and we are incapable of returning texts. if you want to talk to our team, please contact us via messaging, since we have no other way of getting in touch with you.

    How trustworthy is your cleaner?

    They are police-checked to before commencing the work. Cleaners should have relevant experience in the particular cleaning field and have great working ethics to be able to work for us. 


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