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House Cleaning Prices List 2024: Exactly What You’ll Pay

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Want a sparkling, clean home without breaking the bank? Understanding how much house cleaning truly costs is the first step. Unfortunately, finding reliable pricing information, especially a comprehensive house cleaning prices list, can feel like a scavenger hunt. I remember searching for cleaners when I first moved into my apartment – it was frustrating! Why do companies keep this info so hush-hush? Here’s the deal.

Why is it Hard to Find House Cleaning Prices?

  • No One-Size-Fits-All:Cleaning needs are unique. Your messy family of five living in a sprawling house requires a different approach than a single person in a tiny studio apartment. This makes it impossible to have a standard price list that works for everyone.
  • Service Confusion:Some companies offer basic tidying, while others go the extra mile with deep cleans, window washing, or carpet cleaning. Trying to compare “apples to oranges” makes getting accurate quotes difficult.
  • Your Location Matters:Labor costs vary wildly between regions. A cleaner in a major metropolitan area will naturally charge more than someone in a rural town due to the higher cost of living.

What Impacts the Cost of House Cleaning?

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  • Your Home’s Size:More square footage equals more cleaning time. So, bigger homes naturally cost more.
  • Frequency is Key:Weekly tidying is cheaper than a one-time rescue mission for a neglected space. Regular maintenance helps control the cleaning workload.
  • Cleaning Type:Regular cleaning involves dusting, vacuuming, and basic tidying and is less intensive than a deep clean (think scrubbing baseboards or tackling built-up grime) or a post-construction mess.
  • Professional vs. Private:Cleaning companies often charge more, but they provide insurance, background checks, and more consistent service. Independent cleaners might be cheaper, but reliability and quality can be a gamble.
  • Where You Live:Cost of living and demand in your city directly affect cleaning prices. A cleaner in Melbourne City will have higher rates than one in a small town.

2024 Price Guide: How Much Will You Pay?

Let’s get down to the numbers. Note: These figures are estimates, and actual costs will vary based on the factors we discussed.

  • Hourly Rates:Expect to pay $45-$75 per hour per cleaner. Factors like experience, company reputation, and location influence the exact rate.
  • Flat Fees (By Home Size):


Approx. Basic Clean

Approx. Deep Clean


$90 – $150

$120 – $200


$1350 – $220

$190 – $290


$195 – $300+

$290 – $400+

  • Additional Services: Add-ons drive the price up. Common extras include:
    • Oven cleaning: $45 – $90
    • Fridge cleaning: $25 – $50
    • Interior windows: $5 – $12 per window

Getting the Best Deal on Professional Cleaning 

  • Pre-consultation questions:Before committing to a service, ask questions like:

 “What’s your cancellation policy?”

 “Do you have references from past clients?”

 “What happens if something in my home is damaged during cleaning?”

  • Power of bundling:Inquire if the company offers discounts for combining cleaning with other services like carpet cleaning, window washing, or gutter cleaning. This can sometimes save money overall.

Smart Quote Requests: Your Key to Finding the Perfect Cleaning Service

Your Quote Request Toolkit

Getting accurate quotes is the secret to finding the cleaning service that’s the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Here’s how to streamline the process:

Questions to Ask Every Cleaning Company

  • What’s in the Basic Package?Companies can vary in what’s included. Confirm if dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, etc., are standard.
  • Got Extras?Deep cleaning, inside appliances, or window washing are usually add-ons. Know their costs upfront to avoid surprises.
  • Are You Insured and Bonded?This protects you in case of damage or accidents. Don’t hire anyone without these safeguards.
  • Can You Share References?Past clients’ reviews give insights into the company’s quality and reliability.
  • What About Logistics?How do they handle scheduling? Is there a cancellation fee? Clear communication policies are key.

Template for Requesting Quotes

Use this template to make contacting companies a breeze:

Dear [Company Name],

I’m interested in a cleaning quote for my [apartment/house] with [number] bedrooms and [number] bathrooms. I’d like [weekly/biweekly/monthly] cleaning and potentially these additional services: [list any extras]. Please provide a breakdown of your pricing.

Thank you!

Does Your City Affect the Price?

Absolutely! Labor and the general cost of living play a big role in cleaning prices.

A Quick Comparison of Major City Costs Sydney vs Melbourne Cleaning Costs - Flat Fee Comparison (2 Bedroom) 

Why Urban Areas Might Be More Expensive

Higher Wages: Cleaners in cities need to charge more to cover their living expenses.

Increased Demand: More people seeking cleaners in cities can increase prices.

Parking/Travel: Cleaners factor commuting time and costs into their rates in dense areas.

Important Tip: When collecting quotes, don’t just compare the final number – look at exactly what’s included to ensure you’re getting true value.


How do I prepare my home for cleaners to maximize their time? 

A: Do a quick pre-clean by picking up clutter. This gives cleaners clear surfaces to work with and reduces billable hours.

What if I have pets? Are cleaning services still possible? 

A: Absolutely! Most companies are pet-friendly. Mention your pet front to ensure the cleaner is comfortable so that any necessary adjustments can be made.

Is there a difference between “green” cleaning supplies and standard ones? 

A: Yes. “Green” products use natural, less-toxic ingredients. If this is important, choose a company specializing in eco-friendly cleaning.

What should I do if I’m unhappy with the cleaning service? 

A: Reputable companies care about client satisfaction. Communicate openly about any issues, and most will be willing to re-clean areas or discuss adjustments to their fee.


Understanding house cleaning prices empowers you to make the best choice for your budget and home. Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best, and sometimes, paying slightly more ensures quality service. You can finally relax in a clean and comfortable space by focusing on thorough cleaning, fair rates, and excellent customer care. Finding the right cleaning service takes a little effort upfront, but the time (and sanity!) you save in the long run is worth it.


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