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Pro Tips for how to clean glass shower screen

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how to clean shower glass screen


Your bathroom, an oasis of relaxation, deserves the utmost care. Key to its aesthetic is the state of the glass shower screens. Learning how to clean glass shower screen effectively is essential, as these screens are magnets for grime and build-up. Let’s explore comprehensive strategies to maintain their pristine condition.

1. Understanding the Challenges

Understanding the enemies of clean shower screens is the first step in fighting them.

Soap Scum:

Soap combined with minerals and body soil can leave unsightly residues. As elucidated in our how-to-master-end-of-lease-cleaning guide, soap scum is a persistent issue but not insurmountable.

Water Stains:

These are often residues left behind by hard water. They can etch into the glass, making removal challenging. Dive deep into tackling these stubborn marks in our End-of-lease-cleaning-checklist-2023.

2. DIY Cleaning Solution

DIY cleaning

Arming oneself with effective DIY cleaning solutions can transform the cleaning process.

Vinegar: A natural cleaner, its acetic acid content makes it a formidable weapon against stains. The professional-diy-bond-cleaning guide provides a deep dive into using vinegar as a cleaning agent.

Lemon Juice: Citric acid in lemon juice can be a milder yet potent cleaner. How do you incorporate lemon in your daily cleaning? The how-to-clean-windows resource has the answers.

3. Cleaning Door Tracks

Door tracks can be grimy and filled with build-up, requiring a specialized cleaning approach.

  • Regular brushing can clear out debris. For a more in-depth cleaning routine, refer to our expert guide on cleaning-services.

4. Tackling Stubborn Water Stains


Water stains can be incredibly stubborn, often resisting regular cleaning methods.

  • Gentle Abrasives: Products like Ajax come into play here. Ajax is exceptionally effective in tackling these stubborn marks. Learn more about its myriad advantages in our how-to-clean-a-dyson-vacuum

5. Expert Recommendation

Ajax stands head and shoulders above its competitors. I recommend everyone to use Ajax perfessional Bathroom for its user-friendliness and efficiency. For a comprehensive comparison of Ajax with other alternatives, Ajax Spray  guide is invaluable.

ajax for bathroom

Using the right cleaning product can greatly reduce the effort required and enhance the final outcome, ensuring that your shower screen not only looks clean but also shines.

6. Preventative Measures

Prevention is always better than cure. By taking a few proactive steps, you can reduce the frequency of deep cleaning sessions.

Squeegee: Using it post every shower ensures that water droplets, which cause stains, are eliminated.

Water Repellent: Application of a good quality water repellent can keep those unsightly water stains at bay.

7. Addressing Specialized Coatings


Many modern shower screens come with specialized coatings to reduce build-up. However, these might need tailored cleaning methods. Find more on cleaning specialized screens in our how-to-clean-microwave guide.


1.How often should shower screens be cleaned?

Daily wipe-downs combined with weekly deep cleans ensure screens remain sparkling.

2.Are commercial cleaners better than DIY solutions?

While DIY solutions are effective, commercial cleaners, like Ajax, offer specialized cleaning power, making them invaluable for tough stains.

3.Why do shower screens cloud over time?

Cloudiness results from accumulated soap scum, hard water stains, and mineral deposits. Regular cleaning can prevent this phenomenon.

4.What’s the most effective way to prevent water stains?

Using a squeegee after every shower combined with periodic application of water repellent can drastically reduce water stains.

5.Can vinegar or lemon juice harm the shower screens?

Generally, they are safe. However, if the screen has a special coating or treatment, always check the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.


Glass shower screens can elevate the aesthetics of a bathroom. Maintaining their pristine condition, however, requires effort and knowledge. By incorporating the methods and tips shared in this guide, and by leveraging the expertise from our various resources like the how-to-clean-oven guide, one can ensure that these screens remain a crystal-clear highlight of the bathroom for years.


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