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How much does End of lease cleaning in Melbourne

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How much does End of lease cleaning

When your lease ends in Melbourne, one of the main priorities is end of lease cleaning to ensure the property looks as pristine as when you first moved in. This isn’t just about leaving a good impression; it’s also crucial for reclaiming your bond.

  • Overview of end-of-lease cleaningand its importance
  • Role of deep cleaning in bond retrieval
  • Pros of hiring professional cleaners in Melbourne

Why Consider Professional End-of-Lease Cleaning

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Rental agreements often emphasize thorough cleaning. Simple DIY attempts, without the right equipment and expertise, might not meet the stringent requirements.

Time and Equipment Considerations

Doing a thorough clean-up of an entire home is time-consuming. Plus, certain tasks demand specialized equipment, which might not be readily available at home. Relying on professional cleaners means tapping into their inventory of advanced tools and biodegradable solutions, ensuring quality results.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Professional cleaners, like those from our renowned brand bond, bring expertise and experience. They’re adept at avoiding common mistakes in bond cleaning and ensuring a landlord’s inspection goes smoothly. Additionally, they provide a bond-back guarantee, a testament to their confidence in delivering impeccable results.

Factors Influencing End-of-Lease Cleaning Costs


Different factors come into play when determining the cost of end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne.

  1. Size of the HomeA studio apartment will naturally cost less than a 4-bedroom home. Square size of your home directly influences cleaning needs and pricing.
  2. Number of Bedrooms and BathroomsMore rooms mean more work. Bathrooms, in particular, often require additional attention due to mold, mildew, and limescale that might have accumulated.
  3. LocationA property located in Melbourne’s bustling city center might cost differently than one situated in a serene suburb. The accessibility and logistics come into play here.
  4. Weekday vs. Weekend CleaningWeekend rates might be slightly higher due to the increased demand.
  5. Number of Cleaners RequiredLarger homes or homes that have not been maintained regularly might need a team of cleaners, which can affect the total cost.
  6. Accessibility of the HomeHomes with limited access or those requiring special arrangements might come with added costs.
  7. Extent of Cleaning NeededProperties that have been neglected or those with pets might need a deeper cleaning, thus increasing the cost.
  8. Additional ServicesAdd-ons such as carpet cleaning or pest control can adjust the final bill. For example, a top-tier service from clean-carpet ensures carpets look and smell fresh.

Estimating End-of-Lease Cleaning Costs

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With a diverse range of properties in Melbourne, understanding the estimated quote is crucial.

  1. Average Cost Ranges for Different Home Sizes
1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom$300
2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom$340
5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms$655

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Cost Calculation Formula

To ensure you’re not overcharged, it’s wise to understand the breakdown of costs. An upfront quote based on home size, number of rooms, and additional services can be a starting point. Considering local end-of-lease cleaners and their market rates is also vital.

Consideration of Local Cleaners and References

Before settling on a service provider, it’s a good idea to explore references. For instance,  what is bond cleaning? can give insights into what bond cleaning entails.

Rates for Additional Cleaning Services

Beyond the basic package, homeowners can avail of several add-on services.

Small Balcony$29
Large Balcony$45
Windows (under 3m wide internal only)$13

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Duration of Cleaning

A crucial aspect to consider is the time it’ll take for the cleaning process to conclude.

Estimated Cleaning Time for Different Home Sizes

While a studio might take 3-4 hours, a larger home with 4 bedrooms might demand an entire day. The property condition can influence the number of hours taken to clean.

Consideration of Property Condition

A home that’s been routinely cleaned would naturally take less time compared to one that’s been neglected. Whether your rental is furnished or unfurnished can also vary the cleaning duration.


Understanding the dynamics of end-of-lease cleaning costs in Melbourne ensures a smoother transition as you move out. Remember, investing in professional cleaning services can play a significant role in getting your bond amount back in full. Be informed, choose wisely, and ensure your rental premises shine as you hand over the keys.


1.How is the end-of-lease cleaning cost determined?

A: The cost is primarily determined by several factors: the size of the property, number of rooms, additional services required, location (city center or suburb), accessibility, and the property’s current condition. Additionally, whether the cleaning is scheduled for a weekday or weekend can also influence the price.

2.Can I get a discount if I book additional services like carpet cleaning or pest control?

A: Many cleaning companies offer package deals or discounts when you book multiple services together. For example, if you decide to avail of both end-of-lease cleaning and carpet cleaning, there might be a bundled offer. It’s advisable to discuss this with your chosen service provider.

3.What happens if my landlord isn’t satisfied with the cleaning?

A: Reputable cleaning companies, such as those affiliated, typically offer a bond-back guarantee. This means if there are any issues pointed out by the landlord related to cleaning, the company will revisit and address those specific areas at no extra charge.

4.How much advance notice do I need to give before booking an end-of-lease cleaning?

A: While it varies among service providers, it’s always a good practice to book as early as possible, especially during peak moving seasons. Giving at least a week’s notice can ensure you secure the desired date and time. However, some companies also cater to last-minute bookings, depending on their availability.

5.Do I need to be present during the cleaning?   

Not necessarily. Most professional cleaners can perform their tasks without supervision, provided they have access to the property. However, you can choose to be present if you have specific areas of concern or if you wish to provide on-the-spot feedback


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